WiBioCard Access Lite

Effortless and secure physical access

Welcome to a new era of simple and secure physical access. Introducing WiBioCard Access Lite, the ultimate key to unlocking the world around you with confidence in your digital identity. With compact design, this smart card revolutionizes how you navigate doors and checkpoints, ensuring your safety and security.

Key features
Key features
  • Biometric authentication for identity verification
  • Compact design that fits in your wallet
  • Enhances security and reduces the risk of unauthorized entry
  • No reliance on human presence for gate monitoring

WiBioCard Authentica

Elevate your security to new heights

Experience the peak of security with WiBioCard Authentica. This versatile smart card is your all-in-one solution for government documents, web access, and services like iVoting and VPN access. WiBioAuthentica ensures privacy compliance, allowing you to navigate the digital landscape with confidence, knowing that your identity and sensitive information are protected by biometric technology.

Key features
Key features
  • Seamless integration with government documents for secure identification
  • Unique web access security through biometric authentication
  • Empowers secure online services like iVoting and VPN access
  • Enhances privacy and protects against identity theft
  • Versatile software integration that adapts to your security needs

WiBioCard Authentica Display

Empower your security on and offline

Welcome to a new dimension of secure access with WiBioCard Authentica Display. This innovative smart card combines offline usability with the power of biometric authentication. With its built-in display, you can perform secure transactions and access sensitive information without external devices. Experience enhanced security freedom, anytime, anywhere.

Key features
Key features
  • Independent display for offline digital identity verification
  • Biometric authentication ensures unparalleled identity verification
  • Seamless integration with a wide range of applications and services
  • Compliance with privacy regulations and protection against unauthorized access
  • Simplified user experience with visual feedback and prompts