Bio Access Control

Empower Your Organization's Security

In today’s rapidly evolving world, ensuring the security and safety of your organization has never been more critical. The traditional methods of physical access control rely on outdated badge systems that often lead to security vulnerabilities and administrative concerns. That’s why at Wibiocard, we have revolutionized the way businesses manage access control. Our cutting-edge solution utilizes the benefits of biometric authentication to ensure secure, smooth, and smart access management and prevent the issues faced with lost or misplaced badges and the potential risks of unauthorized access.

Our Biometric Access Control solution goes beyond just physical access control and it is designed to provide a comprehensive management control. As an employer, you can now efficiently track your employees’ movements, manage access based on both physical and logical and on designated roles, and seamlessly integrate with existing access control systems and card readers on the market, allowing your organization to thrive in a secure and efficient environment.

Our solution is also compatible with our Authentica and Authentica Display to allow employees to seamlessly access company resources, platforms, and other digital assets, ensuring that only authorized personnel can enter sensitive digital areas.

Key features

Biometric approach to access control, ensuring a safe and secure experience for your employees with the certainty of the owner’s digital identity.
Simplified Role-Based Access Management to allow administrators to effortlessly assign different roles and customized accesses to employees based on their responsibilities and smoothly maintain a transparent record of access activities.
Certainty in attendance tracking through a not-transferable badge empowered by biometric authentication.
Seamless Third-Party Integration with third-party systems, allowing you to optimize your current setup without any disruption of your current access control technology to save the organization’s time and resources.
Logical Digital Access to extend the security to the company’s digital assets, enabling secure access to company resources, platforms, and other sensitive digital areas.