Bio Government ID

Your All-in-One Solution for Identity Verification

Nowadays, identity theft accounts for 35% of all fraudulent activities. Fraudsters are increasingly organized and the methods employed by them are ever more sophisticated.

Therefore, in today’s ever-evolving digital landscape, the need for secure and reliable identity verification has never been more crucial. Governments, organizations, and individuals face increasingly complex challenges in protecting sensitive information, preventing identity fraud, and simplifying authentication processes. With Bio Government ID, we provide cutting-edge biometric technology to allow the user to securely store, through biometric authentication, an identification document such as a national ID, driver’s license, health card, electoral card, student card, and, in certain circumstances, register multiple Ids within the same smart card.

Our user-friendly application takes the convenience even further, enabling seamless access to your identity information. Authorities, security staff, police, and other designated personnel can access your personal ID information and easily require the owner’s identity verification through the biometric sensor on the smart card simply

using their smartphones, which can occur regardless of whether the identity document already includes A.F.I.S. compliant fingerprint with international rule storage. The owner’s identity verification can therefore be verified even when an external A.F.I.S biometric authentication hardware is not available with a proprietary secondary biometric authentication.

Key features

Secure storage of identification documents through smart cards that integrate national IDs, driver's licenses, health cards, electoral cards, student IDs, or multiple IDs, allowing efficiency in identity verification, and reducing administrative burdens for individuals and organizations.
Seamless Accessibility through. a user-friendly application to enable authorized personnel, including authorities, security staff, and law enforcement to easily read the card's information using a smartphone, ensuring quick and convenient access to verified identity data and eliminating the need for complicated external hardware.
Data Privacy and adherence to GDPR Compliance standards to ensure that citizens' personal information remains confidential and protected. The Bio Government IDs, through biometric authentication of the owner, guarantee that sensitive data is securely stored and accessible only to authorized personnel drastically reducing the risk of identity fraud and unauthorized access.