Web Access

Secure and Convenient Online Experiences

In today’s fast-paced digital world, secure web access to sensitive information has become a necessity. However, the ever-increasing cybersecurity threats and identity breaches have left individuals and businesses vulnerable to the risks of traditional password-based login methods.

That’s where Web Access with Biometric Authentication comes into play, revolutionizing the way we secure our online experiences.

At Wibiocard, we offer a cutting-edge solution that combines advanced biometric technology with seamless web access, ensuring security and convenience and transforming the way users access sensitive online platforms such as e-banking, e-commerce, and other web-based services.

With Wibiocard’s web access solution, you can revolutionize your online security measures by eliminating the limitations of passwords and the complexities of using vulnerable database management. Our innovative biometric smart card technology ensures that your digital identity remains securely stored within the card itself, preventing any risks associated with third-party databases, and allowing businesses to get rid of password management systems and costs associated with password retrieval.

Key features

Password-Less Authentication to allow you to access your online accounts securely with just a touch without the need to remember any password and to deal with password retrieval.
Enhanced Security of the digital identity through a secure storage of your biometric information within the smart card, which is safeguarded from unauthorized access and potential cyberattacks on vulnerable third-party databases.
Cost-Effective Solution designed for businesses that want to eliminate expenses associated with password management and retrieval systems, simplify operations and improve overall security.
Simplified and frictionless User Experience to allow a convenient and easy login experience with Wibiocard. Your biometric data stays within the smart card, ensuring a secure online experience.